Commercial Plastering

Trusted & Reliable

At Queensland Interior Linings, there’s no commercial plastering job too
big or too small. We’re experts in all aspects of commercial plastering
work, ensuring you’ll enjoy a high-quality and long-lasting finish every

To maintain the highest standards of work, our site supervisor will
thoroughly check over each plastering job. Our supervisor also clearly
communicates with other on-site operators, ensuring all workers remain
informed throughout the project.

For your convenience, we also offer after-hours services. Your satisfaction
is our priority—let us know your plans, and we’ll make them a reality.

To receive your free quote for residential, commercial or industrial 
plastering services, call us today. We operate from Townsville to Byron
Bay; servicing Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Enjoy A Quality Finish

When you choose to book a commercial plastering service with the Queensland Interior
Linings team, you’ll enjoy the highest-quality work, guaranteed. Your complete satisfaction is of
the utmost importance to us.

Hire the experts at Queensland Interior Linings and our team will:
  • Complete all plastering projects with pride, ensuring the highest industry standards are met
  • Provide services through the entire course of the project, including research, product preparation & site preparation
  • Maintain cleanliness from start to finish
  • Provide backup services & ongoing maintenance to ensure a long-lasting plasterwork finish
  • Keep you up to date through every step of the project

To learn more about our commercial plastering
services, simply call us at Queensland Interior

Frequently Asked Questions

At Queensland Interior Linings, we can cover a variety of commercial spaces including hotels, offices,
doctors’ surgeries, retail outlets, restaurants and more. We can accommodate most commercial spaces.

Clearing the room of as much furniture as possible is ideal for us to work. We will use covers to protect
flooring and any furniture left in the room.

Yes, we plaster ceilings for commercial properties throughout metro Brisbane

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